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Looking for free SEO quotes from experienced Aussie based SEO companies to lift the organic search visibility for your business? We’re happy to provide you with a quote for your SEO project and show you what we can do for you.
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Sustainable SEO

Sustainability is the key in SEO. You want to build longterm value, not do something shortsighted that will damage your business.


We’ll adjust our SEO quote and proposal to reflect your current status, the level of competition, and the results you’re expecting.

Detailed Reports

You’ll understand what our SEO specialist is doing and how we are performing with detailed reporting and KPI monitoring.

Dedicated local SEO specialist

You’ll be handled by one of our two knowledgeable SEO specialists who will stay with you throughout the whole project.

Premium Support

We’ll be there for you along the way. You can ask us anything and we’ll advice. No extra cost – it’s included in your SEO quote.

Awesome Results

We never overpromise in your SEO quotes but we always overachieve. You’ll be thrilled to see how your organic search visibility grows.

Local SEO company

We are Australian based with offices in Melbourne and we do not use offshore contact centres or account managers. We are your Melbourne SEO specialist.

No Project Too Small

We offer tailored small business SEO services so even if you’re not a major brand or a bigger company, do not worry, we’ll be able to help you.

Always Free SEO Quotes

We never charge for providing you with an SEO quote. They are and always will be free. We also offer a free introductory consultation to show you how to significantly improve your SEO.


We are a top-rated Australian SEO specialist loved by our clients. So do not hesitate, get a SEO quote from us and let’s achieve something great together!
MPT Travel Corporation
Melbourne Based Business

Thanks to Andrej for a great start on our new SEO program. We’re excited to see where the developments take us!

Arcadia in Rye
Melbourne Small Business

Andrej has been a great help to us in developing our website. He is most professional and experienced in what he does. Thoroughly recommend him if you need expertise, guidance and advice in web site development or marketing.

Gary Young
Melbourne Business Owner

Very proactive. Quick & responsive to our needs. Pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend.

Kate Smith
Melbourne Business Owner

Great assistance for our business. Your company makes me look good! Thanks for your work.

Kirsty Pollard
Port Macquarie Business Owner

Andrej delivers a high quality search visibility strategy and was in contact throughout the entire process of setting up our new website.

Ian Hammett
Toowoomba Small Business Owner

I should have engaged Andrej earlier, saved myself time & money and i would have actually made more money doing what I do not trying to do something else.


You do not need to be an expert on search engine optimisation. You do not even need to understand digital marketing.

We are here for you. We’ll guide you through the whole process. You can focus on what you’re best in, without worrying about SEO strategy or implementation.

The whole process from requesting the SEO quote through discussing the requirements, and sending you the SEO quote to its acceptance is super easy and can last a few days only.

Best search engine optimisation strategies
Comprehensive SEO with advanced data intelligence


Our decisions are based on exact data extracted from the large quantities of data generated every minute. We know everything about your website visitors, who they are, how they behave, which content they like and which not.

Optimisation of user experience on your website goes hand in hand with targeted content and call to action optimisations that increase website usability and conversions.

All of these activities are included in our everyday work on your SEO project and will be included in your SEO quote.